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Here are some thoughts on the growth of artificial intelligence in health care as covered in the Feb. 5, 2024 issue of Part B News from major players in the field.
On Jan. 22, Part B News covered recent rulemaking and changes in the IDR portal and processes -- new administrative fees, information requirements, open negotiation notices, etc. Adding commentary here on futher changes to those processes is Mena R. Francis, counsel in Mandelbaum Barrett PC’s Healthcare Practice Group and head of the Firm’s PIP Arbitration/Reimbursement Recovery Department.
The CDC posted updated FY2024 ICD-10-CM guidelines on Monday, Jan. 22, which included a sequencing update for sepsis due to postprocedural infection.
As flu season continues, stay up to date on the current national, non-facility pricing of influenza vaccines. The table below conveys 2023-2024 payment allowances on oft-reported vaccines, along with coding details. Also, don't forget to add an M code when performing in-home vaccinations.
The CDC recently released tabular addenda changes to the ICD-10 code set, effective April 1. Among the changes are revisions to the “Excludes 2” note found under J45 (Asthma).


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