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Benjamin David Danneman, 37, of Eureka, Mo., was employed by at least three local health care organizations that should be conferring with lawyers now. On June 12, Danneman was sentenced to 57 months in prison for working for them as a nurse and, in one case, as an assistant director of nursing without a nursing license.

A fully public health care paradigm in the vein of Medicare For All remains a long shot in the current political climate. But two industry veterans, including a former head of CMS, lay out some policies in Health Affairs that could win bipartisan support and spur a refresh of the nation's health care apparatus.
A policy change that gives greater freedom to providers who report home-visit services (99341-99350) became more fully entrenched after a May 24 update to the Medicare Claims Processing Manual.

A U.S. Veterans Administration (VA) rule will allow selected walk-in medical treatment centers to receive payment from the VA for treating veterans, notwithstanding that they are not VA facilities.

Heads up if your practice reports consults to UnitedHealthcare’s commercial policy: the payer will start to phase out coverage of codes 99241-99255 on June 1.


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