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A patient presents to the emergency department after falling off a ladder. The ED physician examines him and determines that the patient has fractured his distal radius and ulna. The physician then applies a short arm splint to stabilize the fractures and instructs him to follow up with an orthopedic surgeon. How should this service be coded?
Here’s a good reason not to rely on CMS and the physician fee schedule for your CPT coding advice: The agency appears to be a bit confused about how to use the new musculoskeletal add-on codes for drug delivery device implant and removal.
You've heard by now of the momentous changes coming to your office-based E/M codes in 2021. And perhaps you caught wind of accompanying payment updates. But just how game-changing are the new payments?
CMS has painful plans for the somatic nerve block family of codes next year. Proposed cuts to work and other relative value units (RVUs) will result in lower pay for most codes in the 64400-64450 range, DecisionHealth analysis of the proposed 2020 Medicare physician fee schedule reveals.

A medico-legal expert shares her thoughts on the duties of providers and practices when confronted with suicidal or homicidal patients. 


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