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Question: I am looking for more specific information on code G0136 (Administration of a standardized, evidence-based Social Determinants of Health [SDOH] Risk Assessment tool, 5-15 minutes, not more often than every 6 months). 
Question: Do the 2024 ICD-10-CM guidelines include any changes related to cardiovascular condition reporting?
Question: Are coders required to report a social determinants of health (SDOH) ICD-10-CM code when a CPT code for an E/M service level is based on medical decision-making (MDM)?
Question: Our practice waived a co-pay for an insured patient in a financial hardship case last year. Our reasoning was that the patient needed care urgently and we weren’t comfortable turning them away. The patient has scheduled another visit, however, and we anticipate that the matter will be less urgent and we plan to require a co-pay before treatment. Could the patient refuse and charge patient abandonment on the grounds that we accepted their hardship earlier?
Question: Please provide more information about the community health integration (CHI) service in the proposed 2024 Medicare physician fee schedule... If a Medicare patient can’t drive to their doctor’s appointments, pick up their prescriptions or perform other tasks related to receiving health care, can a treating provider count the services of community helpers who perform those tasks toward CHI? In other words, can drivers and delivery people be auxiliary personnel, as described in the proposed rule?
Question: Are there any ICD-10-CM 2024 code or guideline updates related to COVID-19 screening or diagnosis?
Question: We had a provider perform an excision of prepatellar bursa (27340) in the office, place of service (POS) code 11. Patient has United Healthcare Shared Services-GEHA insurance. They denied the claim stating that CPT 27340 is not billable with POS 11. I have never had this issue before. Are there any coding rules/guidelines that prohibit use of some CPT codes at certain places of service or is this some weird payer-specific rule?
Question: Some of our clinical staff is going on vacation and we’re going to bring in locum tenens providers to cover for them. We have a physician assistant (PA) who wants us to swap in a fellow PA who freelances in a reciprocal billing arrangement. Can we do that?
Question: Which place of service (POS) code should we use for telehealth services in 2024?
Question: What are some tips for organizations that are just starting out capturing the type of information to report social determinant of health (SDOH) diagnoses in ICD-10-CM?


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