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Discouraging bonuses and ever-increasing requirements under the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), along with other hassles of modern fee-for-service life, may be driving some providers out of business — or into new payment models, where CMS would prefer to see them.

The major modifications that CMS has proposed for oft-reported E/M office codes 99202-99215 would bring disruption to your documentation standards – but not only that. Depending on your specialty, the changes could substantially move the needle on your revenue stream.

Wanted: An accurate, intelligant, prompt, high-quality self-starter to provide a high level of service during the entire medical coding process.


Question: I’ve heard that we can’t charge a patient more than $6.50 to provide a copy of medical records on a patient request. Is that true?


In the recent proposed physician fee schedule, CMS estimated how fee changes would affect various specialties in 2020. But CMS also ran the numbers on the proposed changes to E/M code reimbursement, and how they would affect specialties when those changes are expected to take effect in 2021. It turns out they’ll help some specialties more than others — and leave some even worse off than before.


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