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Question: At our practice, the billers are often the ones to close the doctor’s note. While we read through the note for coding, we also correct spelling and make other staff aware of missing documentation or orders. We sign and date along with the doctor’s signature and date. Is this OK? Also, if our physician assistants are rendering providers and we bill under our surgeon’s national provider identifier (NPI), do both the physician assistant (PA) and the surgeon need to sign the note?
Question: Which providers can perform and bill for psychological testing services described by CPT codes 96136-96139?
Question: We have a doctor who is prescribing ivermectin to his COVID patients. He isn’t taking insurance reimbursement and characterizes this as an off-label use of the drug. Is he going to get in trouble?
Question: I have seen a lot of updates from Medicare about CPT code 99483 (Assessment of and care planning for a patient with cognitive impairment). We have never billed the service before. What are the reporting requirements for cognitive assessment and care planning services?
Question: Here’s an example of how our doctors and non-physician practitioners are documenting office E/M visits: “Met with [patient], discussed test results from [date], recommended continuing current treatment, f/u in 3 months. Encounter start time 14:24. Encounter end time 14:43.”
Question: Do the new rules for coding office visits also apply to telehealth hospital inpatient or observation visits during the public health emergency (PHE)? I thought I read that CMS created a waiver for E/M visits in 2020.
Question: Will 2022 CPT codes 94625 (Professional services for outpatient pulmonary rehabilitation; without continuous oximetry monitoring [per session]) and 94626 ( É ; with continuous oximetry monitoring [per session]) have the same reporting requirements as HCPCS code G0424 (Pulmonary rehabilitation, including exercise [includes monitoring], one hour, per session, up to two sessions per day)?
Question: Are medical conditions due to substance use, abuse and dependence reported using ICD-10-CM codes for substance-induced disorders?
Question: I work in a physician practice and sometimes I discuss my medical issues informally with one of our doctors. He seems game, but I don’t want to get him (or us!) in trouble. Should I offer to have a formal medical visit with him instead?
Question: We have had some patients calling for an appointment to “get a COVID vaccine exemption.” They seem to have jobs that mandate their vaccination. Do we need to tell our doctors anything? Should we prepare some kind of form?


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