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As patient debt becomes an urgent issue, resist the temptation to crack down too hard and risk alienating patients. Instead, turn to technical and marketing-based solutions to get more of that money up front.
Watch out when reporting diagnostic services. Insufficient or missing documentation is causing practices to run afoul of Medicare requirements, and that puts you at risk of denials from your Medicare administrative contractor (MAC).
The growing reach of consumer health-monitoring devices and prospects for Medicare payment may have you looking to hook up your own patients. But it may be that getting a practical medical result from wearables isn’t that easy — at least not yet.
Heed the latest trends and research on patient loyalty as consumerism becomes increasingly common in today’s medical practice setting. It can give you a competitive advantage in retaining patients, one of the key markers of a strong business operation.
Practices that run diagnostic tests and independent labs fared pretty well with a range of panels associated with millions of dollars in revenue in recent years. But a few tests, including vitamin D and hemoglobin assays, continue to perplex the billing department.


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