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Consider adding a scribe to your staff. Increased productivity and revenue are two benefits of employing scribes that Maxine Lewis outlines in the handout for her June 15 webinar on how to add scribes to the practice.
With the unbundling of non-face-to-face prolonged service codes (99358, 99359) this year, you gained a brand new way to get paid for the work you do behind the scenes. But don't get dreams of going hog-wild -- you'll be limited to reporting two hours total.
You’ll find new opportunities to code for services related to care management and behavioral health in 2017, according to the final 2017 Medicare physician fee schedule released Nov. 2. CMS finalized a suite of HCPCS codes for physician-led behavioral health services, two complex chronic care management (CCM) codes, initiating visit codes and more.
You'll find more than 43,000 new code pairs under the Correct Coding Initiative's latest quarterly update, and one small section stands out for providers who perform home-visit services.
Imagine a system that allows providers to gain reimbursement for time spent grappling with administrative issues such as insurance pre-authorizations that eat up valuable resources. A pipe dream? Perhaps not.


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