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To get a more in-depth idea about insurer-based physician incentive programs, we talked to a clinically integrated network executive about how it works.

The April 3 issue of  Part B News includes an article on getting value out of online and telephone codes Medicare won't pay for. One of our sources had some extra thoughts on how you can use online and telephone encounters to offer a care advantage that can also lead to increased reimbursement.
Listen closely -- new clinical guidelines call for prompt intervention when providers encounter impacted cerumen and ongoing patient education about ear hygiene, among other recommendations.
Practices that assess dementia among patients and create a care plan will find a new payment opportunity in 2017, but you'll have to meet strict reporting requirements to get your claims through.
Approaching this year's flu season, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has some words of caution for medical professionals: Don't use nasal spray vaccines.


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