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Low-level E/Ms OK with superficial RTD

Physicians can receive payment when they perform radiation therapy planning, device construction and treatment management on the same day they perform superficial radiation treatment, thanks to a policy published Feb. 22.
Providers will be able to report E/M visit codes 99211-99213 “with radiation treatment delivery, superficial and/or ortho voltage, for the purpose of reporting physician services consisting of radiation therapy planning (including, but not limited to clinical treatment planning, isodose planning, physics consultation), radiation treatment device construction, and radiation treatment management when performed on the same date of service as treatment delivery,” CMS 100-04, Change Request 11137 states.
The new policy will be implemented March 25 but backdated to Jan. 1. Providers will need to alert their Medicare administrative contractors (MACs) to any payments they should have received between the start of the year and the implementation date. After March 25 they should keep an eye on their claims to ensure they’re being paid.
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