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Should new legislation prove successful, you could sail directly into chronic care management (CCM) services without charging your patients a co-pay, a factor that many practices and medical societies consider an obstacle to ramping up these types of care coordination efforts.

In a surprise move, the Trump Administration withdrew a rule it had described as important to its mission to reduce drug prices.


You’re officially within six months of the Medicare beneficiary identifier (MBI) switch deadline. To ensure a smooth transition, check your patients, check the record and, if necessary, talk to the relevant vendors.


Keep an eye on the level of your E/M encounters, along with the total amount of claims, because auditing bodies are doing just that. A recent Comparative Billing Reports (CBR) assessment lobbed cautionary letters at family practice providers whose E/M trends bucked the norm.


The recent discussion of ways to hold down drug pricing is needed, as you can see by the latest quarterly average sales price (ASP) update issued by CMS. The ASP update shows the upper limit on prices to which providers will be allowed to add a surcharge of 6% in the 3rd quarter of 2019.


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