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Mark your calendar to review the payments that health care suppliers and manufacturers made to you — or say they did. You’ll have until May 15 to initiate a review of the federal Open Payments program data and dispute any errors.


As a bundler of episodes of care for private payers, you could make a substantial amount of money — but you have to tick a lot of boxes before you take on your first patient to avoid potentially costly mistakes.


Coders will have new ICD-10-CM codes to report pressure-induced deep tissue damage, acute versus chronic embolism and thrombosis and fractures of the facial bones around the eye, among other changes.


The danger of a simple coding gaffe was made clear recently by a DOJ settlement in which a cardiology practice had to pay nearly $400,000 for claims with a faulty combination of two test codes.

Beyond normal salary figures, the nation’s physicians and teaching hospitals reaped more than $8 billion in payments in 2017 from companies such as drugmakers and device manufacturers, according to data from the CMS-operated Open Payments program.


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