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Websites that provide patient ratings of physicians and hospitals are often criticized for not providing enough clinical information on physicians, but a recent study and blog post suggest the “Yelp” approach to healthcare provider ratings is an effective tool that provides information of interest to consumers.


A new study has found that physician rating websites are popular with consumers but offer little clinical value to help prospective patients choose the highest-quality physician.


Negotiating reimbursement rates with payers can be an uphill battle for small practices that have little leverage with large insurers, but those practices can improve their chances and show that they merit better payments by compiling detailed data on the things they do better than their competitors. 


The AMA has unveiled a new position statement and a list of 21 suggested guidelines for how prior authorization (PA) protocols should be changed, a statement that’s gathered support from more than 100 organizations. 


The growing demands of administrative work are a major pain point for most physician practices. These tasks include the daily grind of filing prior authorization (PA) requests for basic things like prescriptions and medical procedures, a time-draining process the AMA and other groups are looking to reform.


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