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About the CEU Summary Process

The Board of Medical Specialty Coding is the premier provider of specialty medical coding certification, education and training for medical coders, clinicians and compliance professionals across the home health, physician and compliance fields. BMSC is dedicated to creating and advocating a career ladder for medical professionals through multiple layers of coding and compliance education, certification and training.

In order to maintain your specialty certification, BMSC requires that you complete Continuing Education Units (CEUs) during a renewal year. Your completed Application for Renewal with all required documentation of your continuing education efforts is due with payment to BMSC on, or before, the anniversary of your certification (your certification date listed on your certificate).

You can earn CEUs from publications by writing a summary of what you've learned from an article or scenario in one of our pre-approved publications:

  • Review an article you've read in a BMSC-approved publication, and in writing, state what you've learned and how it will change the way you code and bill claims for your practice. Provide CPT, HCPCS and ICD-9 codes as appropriate. Include the name of publication, article title, and date of publication on your submission.
  • Review a scenario (for example, found in one of the Coding Pink Sheets) and describe, in writing, what you've learned from the coding scenario and how you can apply what you've learned to your practice. Provide codes as appropriate. Include the name of the publication, date of publication, page numbers of scenarios you are referencing on your submission.

BMSC awards 1 CEU per review or scenario.

For more information on earning BMSC Certification or CEUs, please visit the website at to learn more.


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