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About the CEU Quiz Process

The American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) put new rules into place on January 1, 2009 regarding how their credential holders can garner CEUs in order to maintain their certification. Beginning in 2009, AAPC credential holders can earn 0.5 CEUs by passing a 5-question quiz from their Part B News Newsletter, i.e., they can earn up to 12 CEUs per year. Here is how the process will work for the Part B News subscriber:

  1. Subscriber will log-in to Part B News site and go to the Library page.
  2. On the Library page, next to the newsletter issue that has a quiz, will be a hyperlink that says "Quiz". Subscriber will click on that link in order to take the quiz. This link will take the Subscriber to the DecisionHealth Online Quiz System.
  3. Subscriber will log-in to Online Quiz system with her Part B News site UserID/Password.
  4. Subscriber will click on the link of the quiz she wants to take. For example, the link will say "CEU Quiz for March 9 Issue".
  5. Subscriber will take the five question quiz, which will be all multiple choice questions. Once the Subscriber clicks on the "Submit Quiz" button, the computer will automatically grade the Subscriber's quiz. If the Subscriber passes the quiz, a Certificate of Completion (complete with the appropriate AAPC Index Number) will be emailed to the email address that the Subscriber has provided. If the Subscriber does not pass the quiz, the computer will allow the Subscriber to retake the quiz again. Per AAPC's requirements, AAPC must pass the quiz with a 70% or higher in order to earn CEUs.


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