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Encounter for sepsis aftercare code finalized as part of FY2025 ICD-10-CM code update

Effective Oct. 1, coders will now have a way to capture a post-acute encounter for sepsis aftercare with the new code Z51.A (Encounter for sepsis aftercare).
This code, which was one of the 252 codes proposed earlier this year, was finalized as part of the FY2025 ICD-10 final code update — released July 3 by CMS along with the guidelines.
Coding experts previously noted their excitement about this new code as it will give clinicians the opportunity to warn patients and family members about the risks, such as new or recurrent infections, and could provide the chance to rehabilitate new impairments.
Capturing hypoglycemia levels
Also finalized are three new codes to capture different levels of hypoglycemia. These new codes, which were previously discussed during the virtual ICD-10-CM Coordination and Maintenance (C&M) Committee meeting in September 2023, are:
  • E16.A1 (Hypoglycemia level 1).
  • E16.A2 (Hypoglycemia level 2).
  • E16.A3 (Hypoglycemia level 3).
Hypoglycemia is broken down into a classification system of levels, the proposal in September explained:
  • Level 1 is defined as a glucose concentration < 70 mg/dL and should be used as an ‘alert value’ to help individuals avoid more severe hypoglycemia.
  • Level 2 is defined as a glucose concentration < 54 mg/dL and is the threshold at which neuroglycopenic symptoms begin to occur.
  • Level 3 is defined as a severe event characterized by altered mental and/or physical functioning.
At publication, CMS had not released the full array of FY 2025 files, including a final count of annual changes, but coders can now get a head start on the Oct. 1 implementation date.
Editor’s note: View the FY2025 ICD-10 final code update files here. For a full story on the code update and guideline changes, see the upcoming issue of Part B News.
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