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Breaking: Preview updated ICD-10-CM coding guidelines for April 1

The CDC posted updated FY2024 ICD-10-CM guidelines on Monday, Jan. 22, which included a sequencing update for sepsis due to postprocedural infection.
The guidelines changes will take effect April 1, along with the April coding changes update.
Two codes are being added under sequencing guidance found at I.C.1.d.5.b, Sepsis due to a postprocedural infection, to state:
For sepsis following a postprocedural wound (surgical site) infection, a code from T81.41 to T81.43, Infection following a procedure, T81.49, Infection following a procedure, other surgical site, or a code from O86.00 to O86.03, Infection of obstetric surgical wound, or code O86.09, Infection of obstetric surgical wound, other surgical site, that identifies the site of the infection should be sequenced first, if known. Assign an additional code for sepsis following a procedure (T81.44) or sepsis following an obstetrical procedure (O86.04). Use an additional code to identify the infectious agent. If the patient has severe sepsis, the appropriate code from subcategory R65.2 should also be assigned with the additional code(s) for any acute organ dysfunction.
The language under secondary diabetes mellitus due to pancreatectomy (I.C.4.a.6.b.i) will also be updated to provide further clarity. It will now state: For postpancreatectomy diabetes mellitus (lack of insulin due to the surgical removal of all or part of the pancreas), assign code E89.1, Postprocedural hypoinsulinemia. Assign a code from category E13 as the principal or first-listed diagnosis and a code from subcategory Z90.41, Acquired absence of pancreas, as an additional code.
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