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AMA previews E/M updates in 2024 and beyond

Your 2024 CPT manual will include revised descriptors for office visits (99202-99205 and 99212-99215), and your 2025 CPT manual will contain a new set of telemedicine codes, according to the co-chairs of the AMA's CPT/RUC Workgroup on E/M.
The AMA’s May 25 webinar focused on the changes to the E/M code set that went into effect Jan. 1, 2023. But in addition to a detailed review of the new coding guidelines, related technical corrections and four case studies, Barbara Levy, M.D. and Peter Hollmann, M.D. gave attendees a glimpse into the future of the E/M code set.
Here are three changes that are set to go into effect Jan. 1, 2024:
  1. Time ranges removed from office visit codes. The codes’ time ranges will be replaced with threshold times, which will bring them in line with the rest of the level-based code set, Levy said.
  2. Revised guidelines for split/shared visits. The changes will only apply to facility-based visits, Hollmann said. The new guidelines will align with Medicare’s current definition of substantive portion and address split/shared visits based on time and medical decision-making (MDM).
  3. More guidance for how to report same-day services and inpatient/observation services. The update will include a chart that clarifies how to report inpatient and observation stays based on the length of the stay, Levy explained.
The changes are designed to reduce treating practitioners’ administrative burden and more closely align with CMS guidelines, Levy said. The AMA hopes that CMS will address the changes in the proposed 2024 Medicare physician fee schedule, which is expected in July, Hollmann explained.
He also stressed that these changes will not go into effect until 2024.
Practices can also expect major changes to the way they report telehealth visits in 2025, according to Hollmann. The AMA intends to issue 17 new telemedicine codes along with guidelines and a dedicated section for telemedicine services.
A recording of the webinar will be available next week, according to Lori Prestesater, the AMA’s senior vice president, health solutions. This blog post will be updated with a link when it is available.
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