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And now, the worst compliance advice ever

Don't confuse the compliance advice you want to hear with the compliance advice you need to hear. That's the lesson of the final portion of Devona Slater's presentation on compliance: Risk reduction plan: a compliance workshop for anesthesia practices that she'll give Oct. 15, during the Advanced Specialty Coding, Compliance & Reimbursement Symposium.
Slater, the president of Overland Park, Kan.-based Auditing for Compliance and Education, has pulled together nine misunderstandings, myths and misapprehensions about compliance and debunked them with facts and practical advice that will keep anesthesia practices out of trouble.
One example Slater gives is the belief that a practice doesn’t need a compliance program because its staff members are "honest." But even honest people make mistakes, Slater notes. In addition, the rules and regulations change constantly. To keep on top of the rules, Slater provides a number of tips, including to spend a little time each week “reading and learning about the risks facing medical practices.”
Some other myths Slater debunks include:
  • A practice that finds a problem will be OK if it corrects the problem moving forward.
  • Compliant billing is all practices need to worry about.
  • The government won’t bother to investigate a small practice.
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