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On April 24 the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) unveiled a final rule that essentially ends noncompete agreements of the sort that allow medical organizations to keep employed physicians from working for their competitors after they leave. While legal challenges from pro-business interests promise to tie the rule up for a while, it’s vital to know what the rule does and does not prohibit.
On April 24 the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) previewed its final rule on noncompete agreements (NCA), which effectively bans the practice for most workers in for-profit businesses. The rule would have a direct effect on the restrictive covenants that practices often use to prevent departing physicians from setting up shop nearby.
Watch for a new Medicare Part B benefit designed to prevent human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. Consider whether your practice should offer the services and be ready to answer your patients’ questions.
Question: What documentation criteria are required to report CPT critical care codes 99291-99292?
Practices have learned to avoid coding mistakes that trigger denials of advance care planning (ACP) services (99497-99498). The time-based services were introduced in 2015 and Medicare covered the codes in 2016.


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