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To stay in line with the latest Medicare coding and billing policies, it’s critical to stay current with the latest version of the National Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) Policy Manual. Doing so will ensure you’re compliant with the appropriate reporting of CPT and HCPCS Level II codes and new modifiers, and following the rules established by the manual can lead to fewer denials.
Question: What are some ways we should prepare for a HIPAA audit from the Office for Civil Rights (OCR)?
Question: I am confused about procedure modifiers pertaining to sides of the body and when to use them. What are the main differences between modifiers LT (Left side), RT (Right side) and modifier 50 (Bilateral procedure)?
Cigna’s plan for unbundled office visits is likely to increase your paperwork and slow reimbursement.
Practices were far more likely to report a right- or left-side service over a bilateral procedure in 2020, although they faced a bit more resistance in getting their side-specific claims paid than before.


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