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Between the COVID-induced expansion of telehealth and the emerging set of tools patients have to communicate with providers, now’s the time to assess how the virtual elements of health care are affecting patient expectations and providers’ stress levels. Experts urge a watchful eye, and a policy to meet the tech age without major disruption.
Medicare advantage (MA) chart reviews may be irritating, but when a reviewer asks your practitioners to sign medical record addendum (MRA) forms, a desire to get it over with or a fear of retaliation by an MA plan aren’t valid reasons to sign. You must make sure the addendum is on the up-and-up or face stiff consequences.
The delicensure of a physician in Oregon who counseled patients against wearing masks shows that giving advice to patients that conflicts with accepted medical standards may subject health care workers to penalties, including the inability to practice medicine.
Question: The 2022 ICD-10-CM code set includes a new code, U09.9 (Post-COVID-19 condition, unspecified), for post-COVID-19 conditions. When would it be appropriate to report this code?
The manipulation of chart reviews and the vendor-led increase of in-home health risk assessments (HRA) may be inflating diagnosis coding levels, and be warned: The OIG and other federal groups are closely monitoring the activity.


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