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Remind practitioners to document and coders to count each medical decision-making (MDM) Category 1 item for data review with care. Recent guidance makes it clear that you have a number of ways meet the requirements for the “amount and/or complexity of data to be reviewed and analyzed” element for E/M office visits that are coded based on MDM.
Covered entities (CE) that have flirted with the 30-day mark for response time with patient requests for access to or copies of their protected health information (PHI) should take notice: they may need to get better. Two times better, that is.
One would think, after last week’s California v. Texas decision in the Supreme Court, that supporters of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) could breathe a little easier. But experts say while future legal attacks on the ACA may not be as sweeping as the one the Court just shut down, and there may be a period of quiet on that front, opponents will continue to come after the law by other means.
Providers have made little use of two add-on codes that pay for extended preventive services since they debuted in 2018. Nonetheless, payments recently topped the $1 million mark.


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