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You may be excited about the money you’re expecting — or have already received — from the feds from the Provider Relief Fund program. But be aware that you’re required to attest to certain terms and conditions, and not all of them are obvious.
While you may be flying by the seat of your pants in your office or from a remote telework location, that shouldn’t stop you from buckling down to get the most reimbursement possible for your practice. Those who dole out reimbursements passed along some unwelcome news in recent days, and reports have shown coders are having a difficult time navigating paper telehealth insurance claim forms.
Medicare Advantage (MA) providers can now do risk adjustment by telehealth, but you are advised to tighten up on your documentation and not go further than good judgment allows.
As employers begin looking beyond the immediate effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and start thinking of bringing people back to work, they will be wise to realize the new virus means permanent changes related to their obligation to provide a safe workplace.
Though the rate of Medicare enrollment growth has slowed, the Initial Preventive Physical Examination (IPPE) meant to welcome patients to the program continues to grow steadily.


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