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As practices absorb the lingering aftershock of CMS’ proposals targeting E/M services and documentation standards, the impact on a group’s bottom line remains a wide-open question. Yet a detailed analysis from Part B News signals that, should the agency’s core pay proposals come to pass, many providers are set to see a significant pay increase.
Starting Oct. 1, coding guidelines will no longer allow for a connection to be assumed between Takotsubo syndrome (I51.81) and hypertension.

A new federal rule is expected to promote short-term, limited-duration (STLD) health plans that aren’t required to cover services mandated by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and you should make sure your patients who move to those plans know how that affects their bills.

A new study suggests that the time crunch in patient encounters is keeping patients from getting their concerns addressed — but you can get around that by adding a process to put some of the responsibility on the patient.
As CMS considers significant E/M pay revisions, your reimbursement may vary based on the exact proposals the agency winds up adopting. The chart below compares the pay-rate differences between the current E/M rates and the single-stream rates for codes 99212-99215. The chart also details the positive impact of the proposed add-on codes that would apply to a dozen specialists.


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