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Physicians and practice managers have been trying to decide for months now whether an accountable care organization could be a viable path toward a more secure financial future, but there were plenty of reasons to be wary. The decision could be easier now that the final rule has been issued by HHS.

by: Karen Minich-Pourshadi

Healthcare leaders put an enormous amount of time and money into physician recruitment, yet retention is often still an afterthought. If CFOs analyze the cost of turnover, they will likely find that millions of dollars are being lost due to poor physician retention.

by: Joe Cantlupe

After studying nearly 173 primary care physicians who shared notes with more than 38,000 patients at three hospitals, researchers found that patients were enthusiastic about the note sharing, but physicians less so.

by: Gienna Shaw

Healthcare organizations are working to encourage patients to get engaged in their healthcare data, in part by making personal health records more user-friendly. Part of the adoption problem isn't just a lack of consumer awareness, but the fact that many physicians are wary of records that are created and controlled by patients. Among their concerns: time, accuracy, and control over data.

by: Cheryl Clark

The popular approach to writing anything about ICD-10 conversion these days is to describe the disastrous impact providers say it will have-or is already having-on healthcare, nearly two years ahead of its launch. But here are 10 reasons why ICD-10 will prove to be a good thing.


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