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How should CMS proceed with E/M services?06/27/201907/19/20191 Results
Have you had any claims denied because of ICD-10?10/29/201504/30/201682 Results
How do you feel about the potential delay of ICD-10 for at least a year?03/27/201404/30/2014150 Results
What has been your experience with ICD-10 testing week?03/05/201403/31/201422 Results
How often do you collect a copay at the time of service?05/02/201305/08/201322 Results
Have you billed transitional care management (TCM) codes?04/25/201305/02/201318 Results
What action is your practice planning to take to react to the 2% Medicare payment cuts caused by sequestration?04/15/201304/22/201320 Results
Where is your practice now in its preparation switching to ICD-10?04/27/201205/04/201212 Results
Where do you go for news, analysis and guidance on revenue cycle and practice management?09/16/201110/17/201123 Results
What is the biggest reason preventing your practice from implementing an EHR system?07/19/201108/01/201115 Results
Which of the following personal electronic devices do your providers use for recreation?06/13/201107/04/201127 Results
Which of these names would you choose for an E/M chart auditing tool?05/02/201105/30/201158 Results
Which of these is your top business concern in 2011?02/28/201103/21/201146 Results
When will your practice first meet EHR meaningful use requirements? 01/24/201102/17/201188 Results
For 2011, do you expect your practice or group to ...01/03/201101/17/2011120 Results
Do you prefer the 1995 or 1997 E/M guidelines?12/06/201012/22/201053 Results
Will your practice offer the new annual wellness visit service in 2011?11/18/201012/03/201039 Results
How do you think Congress will address the 23% SGR cut on Dec. 1?10/18/201011/10/201071 Results
Which service category has the highest denial rate at your practice? 09/27/201010/13/201032 Results
Do you think Congress will fix the Medicare reimbursement formula this fall? 08/24/201009/19/201086 Results
Does your practice e-prescribe?08/04/201008/18/201042 Results
Have you started telling your patients about the annual wellness exam?07/06/201007/27/201051 Results
Which PQRI reporting method do you use?06/11/201007/01/201050 Results
How many locum tenens are you planning to use this summer?05/24/201006/10/201051 Results
Which part of Medicare do you most want the next CMS administrator to improve? 04/26/201005/19/201059 Results
What do you think of the new health care reform law?04/02/201004/23/2010131 Results
What Medicare provider enrollment application method do you prefer to use?03/01/201003/31/201081 Results
Do you think Medicare payment rates will drop 21% March 1?02/09/201002/28/2010125 Results
Will your practice attempt to earn EHR incentives over the next few years?01/04/201001/31/201098 Results
Do you favor CMS's elimination of consultation billing starting Jan. 1?12/15/200912/31/2009129 Results
Is your practice planning to e-prescribe in 2010? 12/01/200912/15/200972 Results
What do you think? Congress will eliminate the 21% cut to Medicare rates ...11/09/200911/30/2009119 Results
Does your practice e-prescribe?10/19/200911/09/200967 Results
How has your practice or office come out of the recession?10/05/200910/19/200932 Results
Do you intend to report Physician Quality Reporting Initiative (PQRI) measures in 2010?09/14/200909/30/200966 Results
Do you think CMS should create a modifier for incident-to services? 09/01/200909/15/200975 Results
Do you think a health care reform bill will be passed this year?08/14/200908/31/200992 Results
Does your practice have an electronic health records (EHR) system?07/31/200908/14/200943 Results
Do you support CMS's proposed fee schedule rule to eliminate consult billing?07/13/200907/31/200992 Results
What is your practice's or office's denial rate for Medicare claims?06/15/200906/30/200916 Results
How much confidence do you have in Congress to have a health reform bill on the president's desk by July 15?05/22/200906/05/200936 Results
How do you think your Medicare payments will change in 2010?05/08/200905/22/200923 Results
Do you support another government healthcare program similar to Medicare that will cover uninsured Americans?04/21/200905/05/200933 Results
How is your Medicare collections rate in 2009 compared to 2008?03/11/200903/19/20095 Results
Which one these reasons is the most common reason your Medicare claims are denied?02/11/200902/19/20092 Results
What is your reimbursement turnaround?12/04/200812/31/20084 Results


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