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Anesthesia practices: Don't confuse the compliance advice you want to hear with the compliance advice you need to hear.
When you must approach your physician with a coding question, keep these four points in mind to ensure an efficient response with a minimum of fuss, advises Erica Remer, MD, a nationally known expert in clinical documentation improvement (CDI)
Question: I have a question about coding guidance I received recently on coding a fusion procedure with pedicle screws placed at L3 and L4. The code solution recommended fusion code 22612 be reported for the procedure. I believe it would be appropriate to also report add-on code 22614 for the additional segment fused. I would appreciate any correction in my thinking for this coding example. This is a segmental fusion, not an interspace fusion, so wouldn’t it be appropriate to report both codes?

We're always happy to wind up on the same wavelength as AHRQ (HHS' Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality), especially when it comes to hot ideas for improving patient care.

The proposed E/M payment changes that CMS floated last month are meeting with widespread criticism, with veteran physicians and other stakeholders calling for the agency to rethink its approach.


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