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The window on patients being able to carry so-called skimpy insurance plans may get larger after CMS and other federal agencies co-released a proposed rule that would extend the duration of such plans to 12 months. The move might restrict access to some providers and services, notes CMS.
Poor prep. Gastroenterologists use the term when they can't perform a screening colonoscopy because the patient's lower intestine isn't clean enough. Based on what we're hearing, poor prep describes the efforts of some private payers and Medicare administrative contractors (MACs) to get ready for the new anesthesia codes for gastroendoscopy services (00731, 00732, 00811, 00812 and 00813).
In the latest Part B News we discuss how to deal with a stolen prescription pad in your practice. Years before he became vice president and chief medical informatics officer at Hartford HealthCare, Spencer Erman, M.D., was a family practitioner when he had a pad stolen; he tells us how he handled it, and what he learned.
After a brief shutdown and a Rand Paul minifilibuster, Congress passed a “Bipartisan Budget Bill” and, as the issue of Part B News released just before the vote predicted, it addressed two big Part B payment issues that we’ve been covering: the expiration of the Work GPCI floor and the expiration of the therapy cap exception.

Here’s a bit of news that should cheer up teaching physicians: Starting next month, they will not need to re-write E/M notes created by medical students.


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