CDC fixes ICD-10-CM Table of Drugs code error

by Richard Scott on Oct 7, 2022
The CDC made a coding correction within the official ICD-10-CM Table of Drugs and Chemicals that was part of the FY2023 diagnosis coding update that took effect Oct. 1.
An "inadvertent error" in the Table of Drugs had listed an incorrect code under the "poisoning assault" category. Before the agency caught the misprint, the table mistakenly listed code T43.652 (Poisoning by methamphetamines self-harm) under the "assault" header. In an errata released Oct. 7, the CDC revised the table to reflect the accurate code, which is T43.653 (Poisoning by methamphetamines, assault).
While the code descriptor specifies "methamphetamines" as the drug involved in cases of poisoning, the code applies to a range of substances that fall under the larger methamphetamine umbrella, including desoxyephedrine, metamfetamine, methedrine, methyl, methylamphetamine and speed.
Each substance follows the same coding pattern based on diagnostic criteria:
  • T43.651 (Poisoning by methamphetamines accidental [unintentional]).
  • T43.652 (Poisoning by methamphetamines self-harm).
  • T43.653 (Poisoning by methamphetamines, assault).
  • T43.654 (Poisoning by methamphetamines, undetermined).
  • T43.655 (Adverse effect of methamphetamines).
"These inadvertent errors will be corrected and reflected in the official ICD-10-CM Table of Drugs and Chemicals PDF and XML files," the CDC states in the errata. You can find the updated ICD-10-CM files on the CDC website. The agency also said it would update the ICD-10-CM Browser Tool.
You can find the Table of Drugs and Chemicals errata here.
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