Test your hospital E/M acumen

by Julia Kyles, CPC on Sep 13, 2019

Think you know your E/M coding? Take a shot at four questions that will be featured during our Sept. 17 webinar: E/M in the Hospital: Protect Your Claims for Observation, Inpatient, and Discharge Services to test your hospital coding know-how.


1. Observation services are performed in a specific place in the hospital.

(a) True

(b) False

(c) Do not know


2. True or False: If I see the patient in the office and my partner in the group and of the same specialty admits the patient to the hospital (observation) on the same calendar date, I can charge an observation visit and my partner charge an admission.

(a) True

(b) False

(c) It depends


3. How many visits can the admitting physician report if he sees the patient twice for the same problem on the same calendar date?

(a) 2 visits

(b) 1 visit

(c) No visits

(d) As many as he wants


4. True or False: A consultant can use the AI modifier when he performs a consult for a Medicare patient for the admitting provider.

(a) True

(b) False

(c) He should use the code for inpatient consultation


Get the answers to these and more questions about hospital E/M coding on Tues., Sept. 17. The one-hour webinar begins at 1 p.m., ET and will include an open Q & A session with the presenter, coding and compliance expert Maxine Lewis, CMM, CPC, CCS-P. The webinar includes on-demand access and has been approved for one AAPC CEU.

Can’t attend on Sept. 17? You can still earn the CEU by listening to the on-demand version and taking a 10-question quiz.

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