CMS rolls out enrollment for unlicensed residents

by Julia Kyles, CPC on Jun 18, 2018
Unlicensed medical residents can enroll in the Medicare program as ordering and referring physicians, thanks to a new CMS mandate.
According to MLN Matters SE18008, released June 8, MACs were required to accept and process CMS Form-855O for the new doctors “as soon as possible, but no later than June 17.”
Institutions that intend to enroll their unlicensed residents should make sure the enrollment includes the required documentation:
  1. A residency contract that is signed and dated by:
    • An official of the institution.
    • The resident physician.
  1. A letter that confirms the applicant’s status as a resident physician, provided it:
    • Is written on the institution’s letterhead.
    • Is signed and dated by an official of the institution.
    • Contains at a minimum the name of the applicant.
“MACs shall approve the enrollment if the applicant passes all screening requirements and provides proof of residency as described above,” the article states.
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