Procrastinators rejoice: CMS extends informal review request deadline

by Julia Kyles, CPC on Nov 30, 2016
Practices that meant to - but never got around to - filing an informal review request to dispute a physican quality reporting or value-based modifier pay cut still have time. CMS announced today that it will extend the informal review request deadlines to Dec. 7.
Don't put it off again. It can take time to access the quality and resource use report and write up an informal review request. Remember, you have one shot to convince CMS to take a second look at its decision to cut your pay in 2017. Here's some guidance from a Part B News article on decoding and repsonding to the quality report:
There’s an informal review process for physician quality reporting and another for the value-based modifier, noted Jennifer Searfoss, Esq., CPOM, CHCI, CMCS, founder of Ashburn, Va.-based SCG Health, during a Nov. 1 webinar on decoding the quality and resource use reports for the 2015 reporting year. Providers need to spell out what they think CMS got wrong. They should point to specific tables in the quality reports and tell the full story so the reviewer gets a complete picture of what’s wrong, Searfoss said.
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