CMS releases list of providers who got revalidation letters

by Grant Huang on Nov 22, 2011

Image from cms.govCMS has made good on its promise to publish a list of all providers who have received a revalidation letter. The first wave of revalidations was sent out in late September, and consisted of 89,000 providers nationwide. This most recent list includes 105,053 providers, and was uploaded Nov. 17 on the CMS website.

You can download the file here -- the information is in a CSV file, which you open with Microsoft Excel 2007 as a spreadsheet. Providers are listed by the last four digits of their national provider identifier (NPI) and name. The spreadsheet also lists the date the notice was mailed, and these dates range from Sept. 2 to Oct. 17, 2011.

Some of the providers are apparently for municipal services, such as "City of Mechanicsburg" and "Oregon Ambulance Association." TIP: Look to see if any of your providers are on this list. If not, that means letters were sent but went to the wrong address. Contact CMS if you haven't gotten a letter but one of your providers is on the list.

So far, the providers in 2011 are those who have an active Personal Transaction Account Number (PTAN), but do not have an updated record in the Provider Enrollment Chain Ownership System (PECOS), CMS says.

CMS has said they will update this list periodically, though no specific cycle was given.

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