Vendors try to make annual wellness visit easier with e-forms

by Grant Huang on Sep 26, 2011

Image from www.phreesia.comOne of your biggest opportunities for new revenue in 2011 and beyond is Medicare’s new annual wellness visit (AWV). One of the biggest obstacles to billing the AWV quickly and efficiently has been finding the right form for the visit, which is unlike a regular physical. Now some vendors are catching on and offering ways to cut physician time.

Phreesia, which manufactures hand-held “kiosks” that patients use to enter their information (instead of using a paper form on a clipboard), has come out with a new AWV application. “Phreesia’s electronic Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Form – the first such electronic form presented to patients during check-in – saves clinicians an average of 15 minutes of paperwork per patient, and allows them to spend more time interacting directly with patients,” the company touts in a press release.

The kiosk, called the “PhreesiaPad,” presents patients in for a AWV with an additional intake form that captures information needed to comply with CMS requirements for the service. The AWV form can be appended with risk factors and recommended interventions, and then printed for the patient or attached to the patient’s electronic health record.

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