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As evidence accrues that general attitudes toward female providers are not advancing as quickly as are women themselves in the profession, you can steal a march on other practices by offering a more women-friendly workplace.


The vast reshaping of E/M documentation standards and payment changes took a significant step closer to reality as CMS put a stamp of approval on its previous proposals to overhaul how medical practices report office and outpatient E/M services in 2021.

Now that some of the smoke has cleared, you’ll discover new coding guidance from the CDC on how to track and report illnesses, injuries and deaths linked to the emerging public health crisis of e-cigarette use, or vaping. Altogether, you’ll find 30 ICD-10-CM codes and additional guidance to fill in previous gaps when coding such encounters.
As new coding guidelines emerge for vaping and e-cigarette use, you may find it instructive to look at how the codes for treatment for non-electronic smoking have fared over the years. In short, practices have ramped up activity but denial rates have increased, too.


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